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Girls Varsity Sideline Cheer · Cheerleaders celebrate Football Banquet

Congratulations to all the girls receiving their Numerals or Varsity Letter/pins last night!  A special congratulations to the St. Theodore Guerin & Golden Eagle award winners!  I would like to take a moment to recognize our previous winners of these awards as well – our squad is continuing to grow & improve largely due to the leadership of these extraordinary  young ladies.  Cheerleading has the longest season of any high school sport & it requires a commitment & dedication to excellence which all of these girls exemplify.
St. Theodore Guerin Award winner – Jeanne Fletcher.  This award honors a cheerleader who embodies the qualities of being a good leader, demonstrating a consistently positive attitude and setting an example of faith formation & an integration of faith into athletics.
2015-16 winner Sarah Downing.
Golden Eagle Award winner – Lexi Moss   This award honors a cheerleader for demonstrating outstanding leadership, excellence in all aspects of cheer especially attitude & continuously setting an example that all squad members should strive to meet both on & off the court/field.
2015-16 winner – Sophia Schaeffer 
2104-15 winner – Morgan Hitchcock
Christmas party 2016 girls     Coaches, Lexi & Jeanne with awardsLexi & Jeanne with awards