Golden Eagles News · Guerin Catholic Athletics Policies and Procedures Update for 2018-19

Thank you to everyone who attend Purple and Gold Mass.  Father Chase did a great job with his homily and witness.  Thank you to Mike Panasuk for recording.  We will publish a copy soon in case you missed it.
Purpose of GC Athletics – ALL IN
    • Use the sports experience to extend the mission of Guerin Catholic HS

    • Provide experiences for you to grow spiritually, intellectually, socially, emotionally and physically

    • Present teachable moments where core ethical values are modeled and developed

    • Engage our students, families and the community in shared experiences with an emphasis on learning and personal growth

Facility Use Policy
Guerin Catholic High School must ensure the safety of everyone on our campus.  We are also working hard to maintain our beautiful facilities.
Guerin Catholic athletic facilities are authorized for team use only.  To use the facilities a coach must be present, and it must be scheduled through the athletic department.  
This is to ensure that we have proper supervision and athletic trainers present in case of an emergency.   Anyone on campus without meeting the above criteria (student athletes/alumni/visitors) will be asked to leave.  We can no longer take the risk of allowing unauthorized use of our facilities.  We are working with the alumni committee to create some open facility times for our alumni.  Please understand that this is for the safety of our students, which is our number one priority.  If you need help with supervision, please communicate with the athletic department, and we will be happy to assist.
SportsLeader – Virtue equals Strength 
Purpose – Develop Disciples of Christ
4 Pillars of Sportsleader:
1.  Virtues
2.  Ceremonies
3.  Mentoring
4.  Catholic Identity
GC Goals for Year 1:
      • Train all head coaches and involve assistant coaches

      • Every team host a ceremony focused on sharing God’s love

      • Utilize the Virtue of the Week for team and player development

      • Participate in a Rosary Rally

      • Start putting together a sports ministry team

There will be Rosary Rally on Aug. 28th at OLMC. The time is tentatively set for 7:30 PM. We would like as many of our teams, including out of season, to attend wearing Jersey/Team shirt. More information to come later.


Training Room/Ice Machine/Activities Door 
The trainers are now located off the South East hallway in the room between the boys and girls locker room.  We have worked to create a shared space between SVSP Trainers and Strength Coach.  We feel this synergy will help us better serve our student athletes.  The ice machine is located in the same hallway.  Teams are expected to take water to practices and games.  Our trainers are working to rehab, monitor athletes at practices and provide services to our student athletes.  They cannot be pulled away to deliver water.  We are working to get a water spigot outside door 20.    
Door 20 (Doors at end of hallway of weight room, trainers and locker room) will serve as our after school activities entrance and exit.  All other doors will be locked.  Please communicate to your teams and parents.   
15-2.5 Limited Contact Program During the School Year Out-of-Season:
a student who participates in team sports may participate in a Limited Contact Program; a Limited Contact Program is a program in which the use of the school’s gymnasium, playing field or other school facilities is open only to students who attends the School, or a Feeder School of the School sponsoring the program, is open to all such students and participation is on a voluntary basis.
Rule 15 – Participation 56 a. Limited Contact Program sessions for Team Sports may be conducted a maximum of Two (2) times per week for a maximum of Two (2) hours per session. b. At a Limited Contact Program session, a School Team Sports coach may supervise the programs, communicate with students, offer instruction and work directly with all out-ofseason athletes, may use all equipment related to the sports, i.e. balls, goals, nets, etc., provided that: (1.) the program must be open to all students of the member School; (2.) attendance and participation must be voluntary and not required by the member School coach for membership on a particular sports team, and
(3.) participation in a Limited Contact Program session by a student in Team Sports is limited to the following periods of time;
Limited Contact Program
Start Date End Date
Fall Season Monday of Week 9 Saturday of Week 15
Winter Season Monday of Week 23 Saturday of Week 31
Spring Season Monday of Week 40 Saturday of Week 45
c. Exception: Students in Team Sports who participate in a Limited Contact Program which immediately precedes that Team Sports’ season may continue to participate in the Limited Contact Program until that Team Sports’ first official practice date, i.e. a girls basketball player participating in the Fall Season Limited Contact Program may continue participation in the Limited Contact Program until the first official practice day for girls basketball.
Limited contact times must be approved and scheduled through the GC Athletic office.  Non-IHSAA will follow the same limited contact dates according to season.