Boys Varsity Football, School News · Locked in and Focused, Jake Fancher is Featured in the Series “Getting to know Guerin Football Seniors”

By: Donald Kane

With his final season at Guerin Catholic fast approaching, Jake Fancher has put the necessary work in during the offseason to make this a year to remember. When the Golden Eagles match up against McCutcheon on August 17 at 7:00 PM ET, if Guerin Catholic fans should know one thing, they should know that Fancher will come ready to play hard for four quarters.

Standing at 6’0″ and weighing 155 lbs., Fancher is perfect for his wide receiver position on the offensive side of the ball and his outside linebacker position on the defensive side of the ball. Whether he is leaping up high in the air to reel in a touchdown catch or causing havoc for opposing offenses, Fancher will look to have the ball in his hands a lot this year for the Golden Eagles. His production will be needed in order for Guerin to win games, and I am sure he will deliver.


Question and Answer


Knowing that you are one of the leaders on the team, do you feel that your role has changed compared to previous years?


JF: I feel a little more pressure as the younger kids look to us now for examples and help while last year it was more of a supporting role for the previous seniors.


A few weeks into training and practice, do you like where the team is at as a whole?


JF: I think we’re doing alright but definitely have a long ways to go before we’re ready to beat any higher level teams.


Personally, what do you want to improve upon leading up to the first game?


JF: I just want to improve our team bond and make sure everyone’s getting better as a whole.


What do you want Guerin Catholic fans to remember most about you with regards to your play on the field?


JF: Keep your eye on #15 Big things coming this year.


What has been your biggest moment as a Guerin Catholic football player?


JF: My highlight was my sophomore year getting an interception in a varsity game.

Do you have any pregame routine to get ready for games?


JF: Throw the football in the hallways with whoever wants to join me and listening to music.


Who is your favorite football player of all time and why?


JF: Odell Beckham Jr. He is such an inspiring and gifted athlete I strive to get up to his level.


What are your goals and aspirations after you leave Guerin Catholic?


JF: State