Golden Eagles News · Confident and Continuing To Work, Charles Bock is Featured in the Series “Getting to know Guerin Football Seniors”

By: Donald Kane

To some people, football is just a game. However, for senior Charles Bock, football is a passion. Whether it means watching extra film or getting one more rep in during a lift, his consistency in his preparation allows him to perform well on Friday nights.


The first team that will have to deal with Bock on both sides of the ball this year is McCutcheon on August 17 when they travel to Guerin Catholic to take on the Golden Eagles. On offense, McCutcheon will be introduced to Bock’s aggressive and hard-nosed running style that makes him extremely difficult for defenders to bring down. On defense, Bock’s relentless pursuit of the football at the linebacker position will make it a long night for offensive skill players to try and break free into the second level of the Golden Eagles defense. No matter how many carries he gets or how many tackles he makes, opposing players will know when Bock is involved in a play. They will know by his stiff-arms and punishing hits that he came prepared and ready to do whatever it takes to help his team win.

Question and Answer

Knowing that you are one of the leaders on the team, do you feel that your role has changed compared to previous years?

 CB: Yes and no, I feel like my role on the team has not been altered compared to previous years. Since I started the last two years, and communicated the plays defensively last year, I had to be a vocal leader on the field. I feel that my role will still be the same, but I will have an additional role leading the team being a senior.

A few weeks into training and practice, do you like where the team is at as a whole?

 CB: Yes, we have put in a lot of work and time trying to be the best we can be through practice. I like where the team stands as a whole because we have greatly improved throughout the summer.

Personally, what do you want to improve upon leading up to the first game?

 CB: Leading up to the first game, I want to improve my technique and understand the schemes better so I can play faster on defense. 

What do you want Guerin Catholic fans to remember most about you with regards to your play on the field?

CB: I want GC fans to remember the heart I have for the game and the intensity I bring when I play.

What has been your biggest moment as a Guerin Catholic football player?

 CB: My biggest moment as a Guerin Catholic football player is starting as a sophomore.

 Do you have any pregame routine to get ready for games?

CB: I always listen to music and eat a banana before every game.

Who is your favorite football player of all time and why?

CB: Marshawn Lynch is my favorite football player because when he enters beast mode he is unstoppable and exciting to watch.

What are your goals and aspirations after you leave Guerin Catholic?

CB: After I leave Guerin Catholic I hope to play college football.