Golden Eagles News · Golden Eagle Testimonial – Elle Vuotto ’18

Golden Eagle Testimonials are a collection of personal experiences, stories and memories from past Guerin Catholic student-athletes. A different student-athlete will be featured periodically. 

Today’s testimonial comes from Elle Vuotto ’18. Vuotto served as a co-captain on the 2017 3A State Runner-Up in Girls Soccer. During her senior year, she led the team with 16 goals and was two-time ISCA 2nd Team All-District selection and ISCA Academic All-State selection.  Vuotto is now playing collegiately at Rose-Hulman. 

Around nine and a half years ago, I followed my sister to watch her high school women’s soccer program play in the state tournament as one of the final four teams at Kuntz Memorial Stadium in Indianapolis. On the field in front of me were many great players including Kristen Broadbent and Gabby LaMere, two players who were great inspirations to me at a young age and they were playing for and being taught by Jonathan McClure. The way the team played amazed me and set a level play that I aspired to compete.

Four years later I joined the Guerin Catholic women’s soccer program and officially made the varsity roster my junior year. During my junior year, our team advanced to the regionals before losing in the regional finals.  The following year was the last year of high school for many of our stars. We would graduate 10 seniors including 6 players who would continue on to play collegiately. Our class was a very strong group of people and even though we were not all similar, we came together and there was not an ounce of hostility within us. This was one of the biggest differences between our team and any other team that I have played for or any other team in the state. Our team came together as a family, playing for each other every day, whether just in practice or during a game. We all lived by one motto: failure is not an option or “FINAO.” With this, we strived for greatness and would not accept failure. Any point where we were down, we would not beat ourselves up over it but push “reset” and learn from our mistakes. This motto had been given to us many years ago by Coach McClure, who was one of the best coaches I have ever played for. One thing that stood out with Coach was that he helped us prioritize life, family and God before soccer. He also made sure that he was a part of our lives and not just another one of our coaches and was willing to give us advice and help us in other aspects of life. With all of these features, that 2018 season we made our run to the state finals, the farthest a team had ever gone in program history, with the closest being the 2009 team making the final four. That season made for a lifetime of memories and I would not have wanted to do it with anyone other than my best friends that I played on the field with that year.

On another note, at Guerin I was very involved with the strength program lead by Coach Waymouth. I took his elective class as many times as possible in addition to the weekly soccer workouts we had with him. He was always a teacher that I could turn to whether it was to increase my bench press or just with a problem in life. I turned to him especially as I was deciding where to go to college, choosing between playing soccer at Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology or to turn in my cleats and enter the engineering program at Purdue University. Even though I wanted him to just give me an answer and make the final decision for me, he was there to guide me to consider all of my options and really look into what would be the best decision for me personally. The main direction he pointed me towards was putting the decision in the hands of God and encouraged me to visit the chapel to lead me to my answer. I would continually go to the chapel praying rosaries and just talking to God helping me find my answer, which in the end led me to Rose-Hulman. I am so grateful for all that Coach Waymouth did for me and helped me through my four years. I would not be where I am without him.

Overall, I am thankful for all that Guerin Catholic has done for me. They have opened opportunities for success in many ways and have prepared me to have a great future. They have shaped me into the person I am now which I am forever grateful for. Thank you, Guerin for all that you have done for me.