Boys Varsity Lacrosse · A Final Word from Coach Barry

5 Guerin Catholic High School
10 Cathedral High School
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Away Home
Guerin Catholic High School vs Cathedral High School
5 10
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2 3   2
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Coach Barry here, I sent an email to our immediate Guerin Lacrosse family. I realized that on Friday night, there were a lot more people in attendance that missed my message.

Dear Guerin Catholic Family,

Thank you. I wanted to sleep on how I felt following yesterdays game. The game didn’t go as planned, but win or lose, games seldom go as planned. I want to share with you the team message that we as coaches were sharing with the boys all week. During our preparation for each game, the offense and defense are given keys to success, as the head coach, I provide team keys. Going into last nights battle, and last night post game speech we focused on the following:

1: Take advantage of Second Chances: I shared with the boys an event that happened to me while serving in the army. Since that event I have been taking a second chance at life. Last night, we had a second chance against a team we did not play well against earlier in the season. The point here is that life doesn’t always give you a second chance. Its important that when these come along that the boys take advantage of those opportunities.

2: Unconditional Love: High School boys get weird when you talk about love. There is an instant draw to that husband wife, parent to child, embarrassing, squirmy feeling that boys get when you say “I love you.” The love this team needed and showed was unconditional, no matter who scored, or who had a penalty, we had to love each other no matter what. This 2019 will always share that love because there will never be another team like this. This team was unique in its accomplishments, successes, failures, and experiences. These boys will always remember this team as it is, a pioneer for the program, beating teams the program as never beaten, taking the program to a place its never been. As a coach, I don’t love these boys any less after last night, in fact probably more. In defeat, you need someone there to lift you up again, and that’s the coaches job. I know our staff, myself personally, would do anything for these boys.

3. Live our mission statement. Guerin Catholic Boys lacrosse will reach its maximum potential through Faith, Hustle and Discipline. We encouraged the boys to have faith, believe in themselves. Self belief is the greatest super power known to man. Hustle- Hard work beats talent when talent quits working hard. We told the boys, our hard work will beat cathedrals talent. And it did. Discipline- do things the right way, the Guerin Catholic way and you will be successful.

After an emotional game, its hard to listen, its hard to focus, but secretly I had been giving my post game speech all week to the boys. We spent each day focusing on one of those 3 areas. No matter what happened last night, those 3 areas mattered most to us. Now as boys go on in college, hopefully they know something about second chances, unconditional love, faith, hustle and discipline. For the boys returning to the program, they will get more chances, they will have another opportunity to love unconditionally, and will live up to our mission statement.

Every game, the boys write a chapter in the Guerin Catholic Boys Lacrosse story. The story of 2019 was heroic, passionate, challenging and enduring. These boys past and present are creating something truly special. Its important that while our over all story is just beginning, we can’t compare ourselves to other programs and to where they are located at in their story. GC is in chapter 5, while a Cathedral is on chapter 20. We are exactly were we are meant to be. These boys, these coaches, you as parents, are all meant to be apart of this story at this moment. Enjoy it. We are apart of something special.

Thank you to Jim Maguire and his awesome tailgate. Thanks to Mike Mewborn for setting up the special edition shirts the boys received. Thank you to all our fans who created an awesome environment for last nights game. Thank you to the alumni players and parents who returned to support the boys one more time. Thank you to the wives of the coaches, who for a few months out of the year are borderline single parents. Thank you to our managers and trainers, who were with us every day. Thank you to the staff and administration that helped with field times, student lounge times, and bus travel.